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The 7th Fairway
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Round Hill Property OwnersAssociation North Board of Director

Alamo Spotlight, P.O. Box 1198,
Alamo CA 94507
DATE: June 28, 2004
SUBJECT: Hal Reiland (Applicant) and Hal Reiland & Round Hill Enterprises (Owners), County File #VR031032
RE: Agenda Item #7: Board discussion concerning lot 154 (76 St. Andrews Lane)

A public hearing was held on February 23, 2004, before the Contra Costa County Zoning Administrator in Martinez on the referenced property. This hearing was recorded and certified by a professional reporting service and can be entered into any future legal action. A copy of this proceeding is available to the HOA at any board member’s request. In addition, County File VR031032 was copied and bound by Shaw Environmental, Inc. and will also be made available to any board member by request.

Alamo Spotlight respectfully requests that you include this letter and the enclosed documentation in your discussion tomorrow night, June 29, 2004 at your Board of Directors meeting. Alamo Spotlight’s Website, is challenging the development of this 2.7 acre parcel bordering the 7th Fairway of Roundhill Golf Course. Please enter the following items into the minutes of your Directors’ Meeting:

1. Transcript of Zoning Administrator’s Decision

2. Easement Map identifying Reiland Property Line in relation to 7th Fairway.

3. Zoning Administrator’s Requirements for Applicant Before Issuing Building or Grading Permits- Highlights

4. Exhibit “A” portion of title report dated June 25, 2004

5. Titled Ownership to Lot 154 as obtained through on-line records

6. Letter to Craig A. Bowen, Fire Chief (already provided to RHEN Property Owners Association)

As your past performance has indicated, it is anticipated that RHENPOA will enforce their own Architecture and Landscape Rules, Guidelines and Procedures, as revised on 12/05/2003.

  “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”
~Sir Walter Scott